A world of timeless beauty

Imagine a secret market place with only the most exquisite luxury goods: Rich fabrics in vibrant colours and intricate patterns. Linen and cotton as soft as a summer breeze and flowers like fantasies, reaching toward the sun. There is an air of elegance surrounding the place, whispering in your ear, telling you a story of timeless beauty.
It’s been a long-time dream of mine to create such a marketplace – a place of magic and beauty – for the quality-conscious woman. With Laid Back Luxury, that dream is coming true.

I’m honoured to extend to you, this personal invitation, to explore my wonderful world of handpicked and custom-designed luxury items that I have chosen especially for you. A designer by trade, I’ve made it my mission to create and collect products and brands for you with a single purpose: To inspire you, your style and your home to feel as luxurious as possible. To help you create a lifestyle from which you will never need a vacation.

Luxury to me means uncompromising quality and timeless design, products that are not mere fashion items, but also telling a unique and interesting story of creative sophistication and class. Products and everyday items, that enrich your body and your personal space, creating a world of beauty in you and around you, no matter where you are.

Laid Back Luxury features a variety of products; my own custom designs alongside others that I have simply fallen in love with during my trips around the world. You’ll find rare gems, by talented designers from around the globe, creations that represent the Laid Back Luxury philosophy of timeless beauty and style. I present to you, with unbridle joy and gratitude, your personal treasure chest of Laid Back Luxury.

With love & luxury,

Trine Højgaard